Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Task 4 - Take a digital photo

Using a digital camera or cell phone camera, take a digital photo. A digital camera at Peninsula Center can be checked out from John in IT using a checkout sheet. The digital camera at the branches can be checked out from Laurie or Eve with the same checkout sheet. You are welcome to use your own digital camera or cell phone camera.

Using the digital camera, hook it up to the computers designated. Use the graphics workstation at Peninsula Center. The branch computers are the third circulation desk computer at Malaga Cove or the office computer at Miraleste. Instructions for how to upload the digital camera to the computer and how to transfer the photo file are shown on a document under Public Folders > Palos Verdes Library District > All Staff > Computer Training > Transferring Pictures from the Digital Camera.

If you use your cell phone camera, generally, you can send a photo to your email, transfer it to your desktop, and attach it to your blog.

Once your phot is saved, post it to your blog. While in your blog account, you create a new post, and click on the add image icon to upload your photo.

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