Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Task 6 - Instant Messaging

1. Go to www.aim.com/aimexpress.adp or search Google for AIM Express.
2. Sign up for an AIM Screen Name.
3. Log into the AIM Express service using your new Screen Name.
4. Learn what the Buddy List does and how it can be useful.
5. Add the screen name PVLD2007 to your buddy list.
6. Send an instant message to PVLD2007
7. You will receive an auto reply.
8. Copy and paste the auto reply and post it in your blog. Post why the Buddy List is significant in your blog

You may have trouble with AIM Express getting blocked by a pop-up blocker. Do the following steps to add AIM Express to your allowed pop-ups:

1. Select Tools from the menu.
2. Select Pop-up Blocker then Pop-up Blocker Settings.
3. Enter http://aimexpress.aim.com into the exceptions box and click Add.
4. Close the Pop-up Blocker Settings window.
5. You will have to Refresh the window to reload the webpage and allow AIM Express to start.

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